Client Testimonials

Joanne is just plain awesome. Our everyday lives can be pretty hectic with regular events and responsibilities, so dealing with real estate transactions on top of that can be extremely stressful (and I know, based on my first experience buying a house with a different agent)!! When my husband and I finally got serious about wanting to sell our house and move over the hill, I was really nervous about picking a new agent to get us through the process. After interviewing several just ‘average’ agents, we met Joanne at an open house and could tell right away that she was very sharp, professional and would work hard us, so we hired her shortly thereafter, and she did not disappoint! Not only did Joanne continually prove her worth by always exhibiting a high level of professionalism, honesty and knowledge of the markets we were dealing with, but we quickly discovered she was also very personable, trustworthy and she really, truly cared about our lives and our future. On top of all that Joanne is a great communicator and is incredibly attentive! I cannot even tell you how fantastic and comforting it was to have an agent always respond to your calls, texts or emails immediately. So I will say it again, Joanne is really awesome and you should definitely hire her! I know I will be recommending her to all my friends and family for their future real estate needs.

Kristi & Chris, Martinez (Sellers/Buyers)

My husband & I purchased our first home within six months of meeting Joanne. She won us over at an open house with her direct and honest answers to our questions. She crafted a creative offer that beat out our two competitors. She advocated for us when we needed her too. We are living in a neighborhood I never thought possible in part to her ability to get things done. Thank-you Joanne.

K & S, Walnut Creek (Buyer)